Introduction of water meters in Båstad municipality

We’re pleased to inform all residents of Båstad Municipality about the upcoming introduction of water meters for private customers. Following an earlier implementation for our business customers, we’re extending this initiative to private residences starting 2024. Moving forward, all water meters installed in Båstad will be smart meters, capable of being read remotely.

Why the transition to water meters?

The transition to water meters is beneficial for several reasons:Digital vattenmätare

  • Equitable Billing: Currently, the cost for water services is evenly distributed among all private customers. With individual water meters, each household will only be billed based on their actual water usage, ensuring fairness in billing.
  • Consumption Awareness: Water meters enable you to monitor your usage, helping identify any unusual consumption which could indicate a leak. Early detection means quicker repairs, saving you money and conserving water.
  • Leak Detection: By monitoring water usage, we can more accurately identify leaks and discrepancies in the system, allowing for more efficient maintenance and ensuring water is available where it’s needed most.
  • Distribution Management: Understanding consumption patterns helps us better manage the water supply, ensuring reliability and sustainability for our community.

Preparation for installation

Initial Notification
You’ll receive a detailed letter from us at least 6 months before your scheduled installation, outlining what you need to prepare. About three weeks before the installation, we’ll send you a postcard confirming the date and time. If the timing doesn’t work for you, you’ll have the option to reschedule. Please note, missed appointments will incur a charge as per our current tariff.

Meter Location Requirements
Your water meter needs to be installed in a place that fits our guidelines. This is the property owner’s job to ensure. If your home is older and might not have the right space for a meter, check out the page Requirements for the meter location for what you need to do. We’ll start installing meters in homes that are already set up for it, so if you need to make changes, you’ve got time to get ready.

Installation schedule

To minimize financial impact, water meter installations will span over 10 years. This phased approach, endorsed by Båstad Municipality, helps avoid significant tariff increases, distributing the cost more evenly over time.

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Transition to consumption-based billing

Billing based on actual consumption will commence once 80% of the meters are installed, expected around 2031-2032. This phased approach ensures a smoother transition for all customers.