Reco Lab

The construction of Reco Lab is well under way. In the beginning of 2021 the testbed and treatment plant will be up and running and shortly thereafter, the inauguration of the showroom is planned to take place. 

Together with the testbed and showroom the treatment plant will be a knowledge hub where the development of local cycles of nutrients, water and energy will be able to take a leap of development.

The treatment plant, or recovery lab, is a pilot project that will be continuously evaluated and measured. Together with the testbed, large and small development projects will be carried out. The showroom will serve as the window that will visualise and make new and interesting facts accessible to the various gatherings that will meet there. Through interdisciplinary dialogues and supported by facts from the H+ project in Helsingborg, treatment and testbed-tests, Reco Lab will be a unique catalyst for societal development on many different levels. Our focus and strategic work will, however, never lose sight of developing local nutrient, water and energy cycles.


In the testbed it will be possible to rent a space with access to the three separated drainage streams from the H+ area. It is also possible to access the conventional sewage stream from Öresundsverket. Three to four container spaces, with plug-in-and-play facilities are being planned. The testbed will also be equipped with a lab, a small kitchen and a staff area. The rent includes a space in the showroom, where the studies carried out can be presented and visualised to the audience. The possibility of booking the showroom for internal meetings is included in the rental agreement.


The showroom has its own steering committee that is led by the managing director of NSVA. In the group, there are also representatives from NSR, Öresundskraft and The City of Helsingborg. These businesses will after the inauguration, both on their own and in union dispose of the premises through various collaborations and events. Through current exhibition technique that serve to involve the viewer, the H+ area can be visualised to the viewer while simultaneously creating interdisciplinary dialogues. Through this, modern city planning can find synergies that generate innovations and circular economies with better local nutrient, water and energy cycles. The showroom will also be accessible to the public through being open on Saturdays and through arranging some larger public events during the course of the H22 exhibition.


The properties in the Ocean Harbour are built with three separate drainage pipes (”Three Pipes Out”). One for blackwater (toilet water), one for greywater (bath, shower, laundry) and one for food waste (collected through a food grinder in the sink). These three pipes are led directly to Reco Lab, which is being built at Öresundsverket, the current treatment plant of Helsingborg.

Would you like to learn more or are you interested in a space in the testbed or showroom? Get in touch with Amanda Haux, business developer of Reco Lab.